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Turning Waste Liabilites into Circular Energy Assets

Stellar3 thermochemical conversion applications are turnkey, environmentally friendly, good for business, and available immediately. Proven solutions to the global waste problem.

Creating a circular materials and energy systems will have a radical impact on how we view, value, and treat waste in the 21st century. 

The planet is overwhelmed by waste, our oceans and ecosystems are suffering.

Plastics – A total of 400 million tons of plastic waste are generated every year, only 8-10% are recycled.
Tires – Annually, 1 billion end-of-life tires are disposed of and most end up in landfills.
Energy – Renewable energy is not yet generally affordable or available 24/7.


By reusing all waste plastics, we can break the damaging cycle of waste plastics and reduce the need for virgin raw materials.


We dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of waste management and new product production.

Plastics aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. The use of plastics is ubiquitous, from medical to food to industrial, and a solution is needed to deal with the volume of plastics produced and consumed.

Only 10% of used plastics are recycled mechanically. Stellar3 solutions transform the other 90% of mixed plastics.

Stellar3’s state-of-the-art thermochemical conversion facilities will be ready to process waste in 10-18 months, not years. With our ultra flexible and modular thermochemical conversion solutions, we are able to use mixed feedstock and still deliver superior quality output

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